Embassy and Consular Links

Consular Outreach in the Greater Philadelphia area will now be under the auspices of the FECGP. View letter.

New York Consulate General New Web Site Address and Services


Send an email for specific sections of the Consulate:

Philippine Passport >  passportnypcg@yahoo.com

Authentication, Legalization, Civil Registry >   legalsection.pcgny@gmail.com

Visa to the Philippines >   visasection.pcgny@gmail.com

Dual Citizenship >   phcongennewyork@gmail.com

General Inquiries >   info@philippinesnewyork.org

Cultural / Community >  cultural@philippinesnewyork.org

During Office Hours, Call (212) 764-1330 followed by the appropriate extension:

Passport Releasing Section >  317

Passport General Inquiries >  305

Legal General Inquiries >  321 or 320

Visa >  322

Dual Citizenship > 318

General Matters >  306

Note: Leave a message with your complete contact information. Phone calls are normally returned between 4pm and 5pm of the same day.

Mailing Address:  Philippine Consulate General New York, 556 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10036


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