What rights and privleges will a dual citizen enjoy?

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Editor’s Note: Meanwhile in the Philippines, if you are a “Dual Citizen Pinoy” you must read this article if you are already working or intend to work with the Philippine government: “Dual Citizen Government Employees Have Until March 2017 To Renounce Foreign Citizenship”

By: Senen Fontanilla, Contributing Editor  |  The FECGP Weekly Update The info below  is  in the eyes of the Philippine government:

What rights and privileges will dual citizens enjoy?

Those who retain or reacquire their Philippine Citizenship under RA 9225 shall enjoy full civil and political rights and be subject to all attendant liabilities and responsibilities under existing laws of the Philippines and the following conditions:

  • ·         Those intending to exercise their right of suffrage must meet the requirements under Section 1, Article V of the Constitution, Republic Act No. 9189, otherwise known as “The Overseas Absentee Voting Act 0f 2003” and other existing laws
  • ·         Under the Act, the right to vote or be elected or appointed to any public office in the Philippines cannot be exercised by, or extended to, those who are candidates for or are occupying any public office in the country of which they are naturalized citizens and/or those who are in active service as commissioned or non-commissioned officers in the armed forces of the country which they are naturalized citizens
  • ·         Those seeking elective public office in the Philippines shall meet the qualifications for holding such public office as required by the Constitution and existing laws and, at the time of filing of the certificate of candidacy, make a personal and sworn renunciation of any and all foreign citizenship before any public officer authorized to administer an oath
  • ·         Those appointed to any public office shall subscribe and swear to an oath of allegiance to the Republic of the Philippines and its duly constituted authorities prior to their assumption of office: Provided, that they renounce their oath of allegiance to the country where they took that oath
Sen 111
As provided for under the 1987 Philippine Constitution, there is no limit as to the area or size of the land or real property, which a Filipino citizen may acquire or purchase under his/her name. Naturally, this principle applies to former Filipinos who reacquire their citizenship under RA 9225.

As a dual citizen, how long can I stay in the Philippines?

Having reacquired your citizenship, you can stay in the Philippines for as long as you want without having to pay any immigration fees. You can even choose to retire or permanently settle back in the Philippines. As a Filipino citizen, you are subject to duties and other obligations imposed on other ordinary Filipinos, such as paying the necessary community tax residence and other tax liabilities in accordance with the tax laws of the Philippines.

Will I have to pay income taxes for my earning here in the United States?

In accordance with current tax laws of the Philippines, all income derived by Filipino citizens from sources abroad are not subject to income taxes.

As a dual citizen, am I allowed to practice my profession in the Philippines (e.g. doctor)?

Under the law, those intending to practice their profession in the Philippines shall apply with the proper authority for a license or permit to engage in such practice.

After I reacquire my citizenship, are my minor, unmarried children also considered as Filipino citizens?

Under Section 4 (Derivative Citizenship) of Republic Act 9225, the unmarried child, whether legitimate, illegitimate or adopted, below eighteen (18) years of age, of those who re-acquire Philippine citizenship shall also be deemed citizens of the Philippines. Applicants who have unmarried minor children should submit copies of the birth certificates of their children upon filing of the petition.

If I need to get more details on the rules and procedures for the implementation of RA 9225, which government office do I contact in the Philippines?

Under Administrative Order No. 92 Series of 2004 dated 12 January 2004, the Bureau of Immigration has been designated as the government agency in charge of formulating the rules and procedures for the implementation of Republic Act No. 9225. The contact details of Immigration Commissioner Alipio F. Fernandez are as follows: Office of the Commisioner, Bureau of Immigration, Magallanes Drive, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines. (Tel. No. (632) 527-3265 / Fax No. (632) 527-3279).

Will my application for dual citizenship under RA 9225 affect my U.S. citizenship?

Prospective applicants for dual citizenship under R.A. 9225 are advised to visit the website of the U.S. Department of State which may contain information about current U.S. government policy on dual nationality.

– See more at:   http://www.newyorkpcg.org/our-services/dual-citizenship#sthash.qdGKNXke.dpuf


One thought on “What rights and privleges will a dual citizen enjoy?

  1. do not even apply for dual citizen here in the Philippines . my cousin applied and i also inquired and the info we got fro m Immigration is that even if you were born here and your mother was of pilipino citizen but your father is US citizen you take the citizenship of your father. under the constitution you have to renounce or choose filipino citizen before you reach 18 years of age LOL . when they had made this dual retention law i guess they did not take into account the ones that were born in the Philippines of fathers that are US citizen. but if you read the dual law it states that one of the requirements is born in the PI and another one is either parent is pilipino citizen which the info will appear on your birth certificate . with a new law in effect does it not supersede the constitution regarding citizenship ??


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