Souvenir Programs & Slideshows

Souvenir Programs 2016

Click on Cover image to view Event Book

2017-fassj-web__page_01 2016-pnapa-cover-jpeg-for-web

faabci-2016-web__page_01 faamci-2016

2016-sinulog-cover-for-web  2016-fecgp-cover-for-web  2016-fassj-cover-for-web

2015 FECGP 40th Anniversary

2015 OSAC Summer Sinulog

2015 PNASNJP Nurses Ball

2012 Siglo Event Souvenir Journal: 100 Years of Filipino presence in the Delaware Valley

2014 FAABCI Pasko sa Nayon

2013 FAABCI Pasko sa Nayon

ICAGP – Ilocano Cultural Association

2012 Ilocano Cultural Assn. of Greater Philadelphia: LMP Vanessa Lauren Inigo

2013 Ilocano Cultural Assn. of Greater Philadelphia: LMP Sydney Marie Niemala

2014 Ilocano Cultural Assn of Greater Philadelphia: LMP Elizabeth Itchon

FECGP – Filipino Executive Council of Greater Philadelphia

2007 FECGP  Bb. Pilipinas Jenica June Balmes

2010 FECGP  Bb. Pilipinas Brittany Mae Luyun

2012 FECGP  Bb. Pilipinas Katrina Guerrero

2013 FECGP  Bb. Pilipinas Lara Mabanta

2014 FECGP  Bb. Pilipinas Zan Dimapilis Bongiovi

PMSGP – Philippine Medical SOciety of Greater Philadelphia

2013 PMSGP Annual Charity Ball Event Book

2014 PMSGP 25th Anniversary Ball Event Book


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