The Philippine National Anthem in English

Giant flag | The symbol of Philippine national pride that proclaims our freedom from tyranny and oppression was unfurled in Baguio City’s athletic oval during the Philippine’s 110th year of independence. It took over a hundred volunteers to unfurl this huge flag that the athletic oval could not accommodate it at full spread.  | Art Tibaldo

We search for the english version and we got an email (thanks Jun de la Cruz, Upper Darby, PA) with links to The Filipinas Heritage Library to get the English lyrics!  Thanks for that, Jun and also for the “Siglo Filipino” marquee.
Here are the English lyrics to the Philippine National Anthem:

Land of the Morning,
Child of the sun returning,
With fervor burning,
Thee do our souls adore.

Land dear and holy,
Cradle of noble heroes,
Ne’er shall invaders
Trample thy sacred shore.

Ever within thy skies and through thy clouds
And o’er thy hills and sea
Do we behold the radiance, feel the throb,
Of glorious liberty.

Thy banner, dear to all our hearts,
Its sun and stars alight,
O, never shall its shining field
Be dimmed by tyrant’s might!

Beautiful land of love,
O land of light,
In thine embrace ‘tis rapture to lie,
But it is glory ever, when thou art wronged,
For us, thy sons, to suffer and die.

Bloglink: Philippine Flag, World’s Second Biggest | NowPublic Photo Archives


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