Philadelphia Today!

Philadelphia: Ben Franklin would have been so happy!

Compiled/Chosen by: Gloria Pineda

From a little settlement by the Delaware River way back then, Philadelphia became a bustling hub for trade and commerce even at the start of the Colony. Today its vibrancy and the warmth of its people is woven into the city’s motto: “City of Brotherly Love”.

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In fact, the city of Philadelphia is mentioned in the Bible; much so we believe that Mr. Ben Franklin named his city as such.

Enjoy our City and its people and don’t forget to grab a cheese steak! They are always good anywhere.

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One thought on “Philadelphia Today!

  1. Glo, these photos are really cool. we visited a friend that lives on a 24th floor in Center City with a panoramic view of the city and at night is is a beauty! The view alone is valued at $300 grand added to the price of the 4 bedroom apartment with 15 foot ceilings and a giant chandelier. it is a wow


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