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February 11 – Filipino Heritage Night at the Sixers Game
7:30 pm, Saturday
Wells Fargo Center
Team: 76ers vs Miami Heat
Click here to buy tickets.

Feb. 11 – FASSJ “2017 Valentine’s Ball”

6 PM Crowning of Elysa Marie Guerrero
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Cherry Hill, NJ

Consular Outreach Hosted by the FECGP

April 1, 2017  |  9 am – 4 pm
Place: Our Lady of Hope Church Social Hall
Complete information coming out soon.

FECGP Night at the Phillies

Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves    Click here to view flyer.
April 21, Friday, Gametime 7:05 pm
Ordering your tickets is simple: Go to: www.phillies.com/couponcode
Click the “Buy Tickets” button
Go to the April 21 game date from the calendar , and click the green “T” link
Enter the coupon code: FECGP17


4 thoughts on “UPCOMING EVENTS 2016

  1. Flag raising at SS Olympia

    It is my belief and opinion that the venue of this event is inappropriate. In battles or in war a flag is raised by the conquering army over a territory that has been vanquised.
    The SS Olympia is the lead battleship of the US Navy that invaded the Philippines and annihilated the Spanish Navy in Manila Bay on May 1, 1898 during the Spanish – American War..At this time the Philippine revolution against Spain lead by Gen, Aguinaldo was already ongaoing . In June 12, 1898 Aguinaldo proclaimed the Philippine Independence against Spain. But the Americans stayed after defeating Spain. A Filipino-American war followed that resulted in the conquest of the Phlippines. Therefore the Philippine Independence was revoked by the Americans.
    Are we raising our flag on SS Olympia which represents our loss of Independence. It would be more meaningful to do that at the Rizal Park in Cherry Hill where Rizal’s Monument signify our struggle for Independence………..Dr Almario


  2. The man has a valid point! I believe that a country or group of people should celebrate its victory or commemorate a historical occasion on its own ship or its own space with its own venue of significance. I did not know that the USS Olympia’s effect represented merely the replacement of Spanish supremacy with American rule! This is not what I learned in my high school history lessons. With no blame intended, certain important facts such as what Dr. Almerio stated were either omitted or skewed to favor the powers that be. Nevertheless, if the goal of the Philippine communities of New Jersey and Pennsylvania is to celebrate our June 12, 1898 independence with our Philippine flag raising, then we should re-evaluate the correctness of using the USS Olympia as a venue for such an important historical occasion.


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